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Letters: April 20, 2007

How cold is it? — Steele H., Greenbelt, Maryland

Thanks for the question, Steele. In Iqaluit, temperatures hovered around -1C (30F) by day and -5C (24F) at night. The strong winds, however, could quickly make it feel 10-15 degrees colder. Chris and I got windburn on our faces—which barely peeked out of our hats, sunglasses, and neck warmers--during a three-hour hike out to the Sylvia Grinnell River.

In Resolute Bay, where we arrived last night, temperatures are -23C, with wind chills of -34C. Winds are 20-25 km per hour. We have heard, third-hand, that it may actually be warmer at the North Pole right now.

Mike Carlowicz