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Greenland glacier animationMultimedia presentation of Expedition 4
Video (10:39) watch the video
Sarah Das InterviewInterview with
Dr. Sarah Das, glaciologist.
Video (5:39) watch the video
Mark Behn InterviewInterview with
Dr. Mark Behn, geologist.
Video (4:45) watch the video
Greenland glacier animationAnimation of how Greenland's ice sheet form and flow.
Video (1:52) watch the video
timelapse1Timelapse video of the Greenland summer sunrise
Video (0:22) watch the video
Greenland glacier animationTimelapse video of setting up tent on the ice sheet
Video (0:33) watch the video
live talk with Mark BehnLive call from Greenland featuring Dr. Dan Lizarralde and Dr. Mark Behn
Video (6:47) watch the video



water draining sound

Water draining into center of South Lake


ian drilling sound

Ian drilling hole into ice for stations


ice ax

Ice axe into lake ice


pole sound

Pole being inserted into hole for station


water flowing into crack sound

Water flowing into crack


waterfall sound

Waterfall from Maya's Stream into South Lake basin



Helicopter arrival for camp change


new ice breaking sound

New (glass pane) ice breaking



Live Talks from the Museums:

From the Museum of Science in Boston, listen to a live call via satellite phone from the Greenland ice sheet, from glaciologist Sarah Das of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She spoke about life on the ice and her current research involving melt water lakes and their impact on the ice sheet. (17 minutes)

From the Houston Mueum of Natural Science, in Houston Texas, listen to a live via satellite phone from the Greenland ice sheet, Twila Moon moderated a question and answer period with Ian Joughin from the University of Washington. Listen to the audio of questions and answers below. (25 minutes)

live talk with Mark BehnFrom the Ocean Science Exhibit Center in Woods Hole, MA, watch a live talk via satellite phone from the Greenland ice sheet, featuring Dr. Dan Lizarralde and Dr. Mark Behn. Video (6:47) watch the video