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Meet Mike Carlowicz

Mike Carlowicz

Mike Carlowicz
Science Writer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Mike will be writing the field dispatches, shooting video, and helping with the buoy installations. Mike is the author of three popular science books—Storms from the Sun, The Sun, and The Moon.


More about Mike, in his own words...

Role in the expedition:

Writer/blogger in chief...and unskilled laborer (the guy who can help carry the gear)

Favorite food when in the Arctic:

Have never been to the Arctic before...have never even been camping before. I have eaten borscht, though. I am bringing some Vermont cheddar in my backpack just in case.

Why I do what I do:

I have the job of being a professional student of science. I get paid to ask questions, meet interesting people, and learn something new about the Earth every day. My test is to write about it for all of you. It's a great gig.

Where I grew up:

I was born and raised in Edison, NJ, the town where Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb and phonograph. I attended Saint Matthew's School (K-8) and Saint Joseph High School. Then I went to college (Georgetown), grad school (Johns Hopkins), and held my first five jobs in the Washington, DC, area. I still haven't grown up.

Least favorite class in school:

I was never a big fan of mathemetics, though I earned pretty good grades in it. I didn't appreciate higher math until I was in college taking courses in philosophy (particularly metaphysics). In the middle of a discussion of "infinity," I suddenly understood what three years of calculus had been all about.

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