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A Whale of a Hotel

Where are we?

RESOLUTE BAY, NUNAVUT, CANADA—Our Arctic home for the past few weeks has not been a tent on ice, as we expected. The science team for the 2007 North Pole Environmental Observatory “staged” its expedition out of the 27-room Narwhal Hotel in Resolute Bay. Our plans for a short stay on the way to the Pole turned into an extended visit, and our hosts adapted to—and welcomed—the extra company after a long, quiet winter.

Once a “staff house” for employees of mining and energy exploration companies, the Narwhal has been like a college dormitory for many of us. There are cafeteria-style common meals at set times; shared bathrooms; common gathering rooms; three phone lines for the entire building; and people coming and going at all times of day and night. What it lacks in formality, the Narwhal makes up in home-style comfort.

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