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Meet Amy Nevala

Amy Nevala

Amy Nevala
Science Writer
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

What is my role in the expedition?
I will write daily dispatches about the scientists' work, and explain what is happening in the field and around camp while we're in Greenland.

Why do I do what I do?
I admire scientists, enjoy adventure, and feel fortunate that my job is to tell stories about people doing interesting work in incredible places. I hope my stories help people learn about science, especially young people. Having a baby son has underscored that sentiment.

Where did I grow up?
Portage (near Kalamazoo) Michigan. At night my brother and I would watch our dad sketch funny stories on a chalkboard about the wild adventures we would take. Really hair-raising journeys involving our pet gerbils, Nibbles and Dizzy. He also read to us, and encouraged us to read. "The Swiss Family Robinson" and "The Call of the Wild" stand out as favorites. I loved the feeling of being transported from the suburbs into exotic locations. Sometimes, on the job, I feel like I've dropped into these books.

What were my favorite and least favorite things about school?
I enjoyed English classes, for the opportunity to discuss books and to write. Writing actually helped me pass my toughest subject—math. In high school, my sympathetic sophomore year geometry teacher allowed me to compose essays about famous mathematicians for extra credit.