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Immersed in Penguin Culture

where are we today?

Today began with the first of this expedition’s Live Talks, this one via telephone with a teachers’ workshop at Colorado State University. Dr. David Ainley, educator Jean Pennycook, and photographer Chris Linder took turns answering questions ranging from “How’s the weather?” to “Are penguins feeling the effects of climate change?” (Answers: beautiful and yes.)

After breakfasts of oatmeal, cheese grits, chocolate, and Ainley’s special-recipe “bagel burger,” it was out to the penguin colony. Here we began our total-immersion course in penguin culture, which will continue for the next three days. We watched penguins clamber across the colony’s steep slopes and fuss when their neighbors came too close. We also saw them carefully tend their eggs, nestling them against their warm bellies and occasionally turning them with their beaks. Penguins were everywhere, some scampering about purposefully, others just standing and gawking, and still others walking right up to our feet.

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