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Explorers of a modern age

where are we today?

A few days ago we got a great question from Susan, one of our readers, who had been reading about Antarctic research and exploration. Susan wrote, “I can only imagine what it is like, or read about it in books or here on the Web. I am fascinated by the idea and wonder what type of person it takes to go live and work in the polar ice.”

Most people you meet in Antarctica answer this question the same way. They remind readers that conditions here are far safer and more comfortable than the horrendous suffering the heroic explorers of the past threw themselves into. In the height of summer, the weather is often better than winter in the northern U.S. Living in the field takes a little getting used to, but all in all we’re quite comfortable.

OK, but what’s it really like? All kinds of people come to Antarctica, and they deal with the challenges in their own ways. Today, we’ll give you a closer look at the members of the Mt. Morning field team and let them give you an idea. The answer, I think you’ll find, is that nearly anyone who wants to badly enough can find a way to see - and cope with - the Great White Continent. 

Read on about our adventure in the slideshow below. Can't see the slideshow? Get the Flash plug in »

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