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To the ice at last

where are we today?

It’s the first day of Expedition 3, but we’ve already spent a week in transit, thanks to one scrubbed flight last week that stranded us in New Zealand for the weekend. Today, we packed our Extreme Cold Weather gear into blaze-orange duffel bags and boarded an Air Force C-17 jet headed due south, to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Passengers crammed against the plane walls, facing a row of 10-ton cargo containers chained to the floor in the center aisle.

Five hours later, we emerged into the brilliant sunlight and 20-degree-Fahrenheit (-6.6°C) weather of Antarctica. The Ross Ice Shelf—our runway—stretched away to the south, and ice-choked McMurdo Sound vanished to the north. Only the black mountains sitting in the distance broke the whiteness. Greeters hurried us onto a huge coach (“Ivan the Terra Bus”), with wheels taller than I am, and we chugged into the town of McMurdo, population 1,100 cheerful people.

Tomorrow, we go camping.

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