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where are we today?

Another Saturday night …

…And to paraphrase the popular song, we ain’t got no vents. But not for lack of trying. Every vehicle and instrument at our disposal was used on Saturday. As soon as the robotic underwater vehicle Jaguar returned from a mission surveying one area of the seafloor early Saturday morning, the Camper vehicle was sent to investigate another area on the seafloor. When it was hauled back up from the deep, scientists cast the CTD instrument over the same area, looking for signs of hydrothermal vents. And when they were through, Camper was back in the water to take a look at a third targeted area. On research cruises, there are no weekends, and in the Arctic, there’s no night to slow down operations, especially when time is running out. When the calendar flips to August, the icebreaker Oden starts heading south and back to port.

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