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Mount Morning living

where are we today?

A week passes quickly at Mount Morning. After the thwacking of the helicopter receded into the distance on Monday, silence took over. The wind rose and fell, tent shadows revolved around tents, and the days slid into each other. The Sun passing over Mount Terror marked a new morning, and we met in the Antarctic Oven for coffee. By the time it passed Emperor Cone we were thinking about supper. After a handful of hours spent in our sleeping bags, hats pulled low against the daylight, we started again. 

The Antarctic Oven became the social center of Morningtown, population five. Inside, there’s nearly always a pot melting snow for hot drinks. We went through a box of peppermint tea in short order and started in on the lemon ginger. We began developing pasta recipes immediately, and found there can be such a thing as too much seafood even when camping on the world’s most remote continent. Here’s a little more insight into our daily lives.

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