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Meet Rick Krishfield

Rick Krishfield

Rick Krishfield
Research Specialist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Rick will be installing the ice-based observatory buoys at two sites near the North Pole. Rick first began working in the Arctic in the late 1980s. Since then, he has served as the project manager of the Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy (IOEB) program, coordinating the scientific and technical aspects of buoy deployments from icebreakers and air-supported Arctic ice camps from 1992 through 1997.



Video Interview:

RIck describes his work in the Arctic over the past twenty years and the tools he has used to study it. Currently, he is using ITPs, or Ice-Tethered Profilers, to collect data from the Arctic Ocean and just how valuable that information is to determine climate change in the Arctic.

itp videoRelated video:
The ITP being assembled on the pack ice.
Video (1:03) watch the video


More about Rick, in his own words...

Role in the expedition:

During the expedition, I will be in charge of the ITP deployments, will pick the deployment sites, initialize the instrumentation, assist Kris with the actual deployment operation, and answer questions from 6th graders.

Favorite food when in the Arctic:

My favorite food in the Arctic is char (a fish similar to salmon).

Why I do what I do:

I study the Arctic because I have always been interested in nature and the environment, and would like to contribute to a better understanding of the workings of the climate in this unique and beautiful region.

Where I grew up:

I was born in Massachusetts, but moved several times around the country when I was a kid.

Least favorite class in school:

My least favorite subject was probably Health—I'm not really into blood and guts.